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Do not waste your valuable time and use our expedited Apostille and legalization Service

US apostille Inc. is a private agency that facilitates the complicated government procedures of document legalization by providing expedited authentication services at reasonable rates.

You can spend several days and, sometimes, even weeks to seach how you can obtain the required authentication for your documents, only to find out next that you went the wrong way and got the wrong stamp.
Don't waste your valuable time trying to do it by yourself and enjoy our Expedited Apostille and legalization Services in exchange of the minimal fee available all over the United States.

On a daily basis, we certify dozens of documents destined for use overseas from various government departments such as the Secretaries of State offices all over the united States, the US State department and the different foreign embassies in Washington DC. Our private messengers will hand-deliver your documents to the destined government department and receive it back after finishing. Rest assured that we deal with your documents with the utmost care.

Our long experience dealing with official departments enables us to overcome any cumbersome situations that we might encounter during the authentication process.

Stop being a victim to overpriced Apostille services and order our services now:

  • The cost to get your Apostille stamp is $50.00 per document within 1- 4 Business Days
    No hidden fees. What you see is what you will be charged.
  • Embassy Legalization: We charge only $80.00 as a service fee without the government fees

For Example:

  • If you have a legal document destined for use in Egypt
  • We will charge you $100.00 service fee + $18.00 government fees + $55.00 embassy fee= Total $173.00 for each document and you document will be ready within 7 business days
    Click here to see Price details for all legalization countries
  • Our prices does not include the shipping fees. You will need to include a prepaid airway bill to return the document back to you after completing the authentication.
  • There is a handling fees of extra %5 when paying your invoice using credit card.
  • You can pay through company checks and Money orders payable to “ US apostille”
  • Billing options are available for companies that already have a “G-Account”

For more information about quotes and pricing, you can call us on: (202) 822-5050 Or, you may contact us

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