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United State Apostille urges customers to obtain the Apostille certificates from the same state where documents are issued.

  • State of Arizona charges $$15 per document.
  • State of Arizona processing time supposed to be 6 business says.
  • State of Arizona telephone number is: (123) 456-7890

If you have an emergency case were you need an expedited apostille, US Apostille may certify your notarized document as an original, or a true copy of original, notarize this statement, certify it from the clerk of the court, and obtain Apostille from the state of Maryland.

  • Documents must be notarized and are subject to be approved by a director from the US Apostille.
  • Most documents will be Apostille in 24 hours.
  • Expedited Apostille fee is $50 per document.

Apostille service for use in Ireland

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Document signed & notorized

Document signed & notorized

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Issued by a 3rd party

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