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US apostille is a Washington-based authentication and legalization service provider with a new branch located in Los Angeles, California. Founded on 1995, and registered under the federal law, trademark number: 4567252, US apostille is established to assist U.S. corporations and individuals obtaining the required certification for documents destined for use abroad.

Note:   US apostille do not provide any governmental or official services, we only help our customers expediting their services.

Our goal is to offer an expedited authentication and legalization services for all types of documents issued in the United States such as federal, corporate, commercial and personal documents. US apostille obtains Apostilles for federal documents from the US Department of State in Washington DC within just 4 business days and obtains Apostilles for all types of California certified documents from California Secretary of State on the next business day as our California branch is located next door to California Secretary of State Office. We also provide embassy legalization service for all types of documents destined for use in the Non-Hague Countries.

Throughout our long career dealing with government agencies and foreign consulates in the United States, we have established strong business relations that enable us to overcome any cumbersome or bureaucratic procedures that we might encounter. US apostille guarantees its clients an accurate, confidential, and fast service. Once we finish authenticating the document, we will safely return it back to you. Additionally, we offer our customers the ability to track their documents on our website to make sure that they are in good hands.

Enjaz Payment Process Enjazit is the electronic payment portal between the Saudi embassy and individuals in the United States to handle the online payment transactions. The Saudi Government adopted this method as part of developing the electronic government and to provide a secure and unified way for online payment process. Saudi Embassy and its consulates in the United States accept due fees for document legalization service ONLY through Enjazit Online Payment or through using the service of a licensed office such as US apostille.
Click here for more information about Enjaz Payment Process

Federal Apostille from US Department of State in Washington D.C.

Our Washington DC branch office is specialized in federal apostille from the US Department of State for use in any Hague Convention participating country.

Turnaround time is 4 business days.

  • Expedited service fee:$42.00 per single apostille/document.
  • US Department of State fee: $8.00 per single apostille/document.
  • Tatal fees per single apostille/document is $50.00
  • The price does not include the shipping charges.

Federal apostille for documents issued by US federal agencies such as:

FDA apostilleApostille Food and Drug Administration documents in 4 days for $50.00 per document.
FBI apostilleApostille Federal Bureau of Investigation documents in 4 days for $50.00 per document.
USPTO apostilleApostille United States Patent and Trademark Office in 4 days for $50.00 per document.
USDA apostilleApostille US Department of Agriculture documents in 4 days for $50.00 per document.
Homeland SecurityApostille signed and sealed Homeland Security statements in 4 days for $50.00 per document.
IRS apostilleApostille signed and sealed Internal Revenue Service documents in 4 days for $50.00 per document.
EPA apostilleApostille Environmental Protection Agency certificates in 4 days for $50.00 per document.
Federal Court Judgment We certify all Federal Court Judgment issued from any United States Federal Court in the U.S. from the Justice Dept. in Washington D.C., and apostille it from the US Dept. of State in 2 weeks for $150.00.
Social Security Apostille signed and sealed Social Security statements in 4 days for $50.00 per document.

Apostille from Secretary of State of California

California branch is specialized in providing rush Apostille service from the California Secretary of State office within just one business day. Our office is located on 435 South Spring Street, just few steps away from the CA Secretary of State office, which is located on 300 South Spring St. It enables us to provide our customers with expedited service at such a low cost.

Turnaround time is Next Business Day

  • Expedited service fees: $24.00 per single apostille/document.
  • California Secretary of State Fees: $26.00 per single apostille/document.
  • Total fee per single apostille/document is $50.00
  • The price does not include the shipping charges. .

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