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Commercial Documents Legalization

US apostille assists US corporations authenticating commercial export documents from the US Department of State and legalization from the embassy of the destination country in Washington DC. Embassy legalization is required to acknowledge documents destined for use in the Non-Hague Participating countries.

Legalize Commercial Documents:
Service fee: $130.00 for the first document
$65.00 for each additional document.

The price does not include the embassy fees- The price may vary depending on the destination country.

Examples of Commercial Export certificates:

US apostille may authenticate other types of commercial documents such as Pro Forma Invoice, Inspection Certificate, Airway Bill, Certificate of weight, Ingredient Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Temporary Shipment Certificate, Consular Invoice, Dangerous Goods Certificate, Export License, Radiation Certificate and Destination Control Statement. Corporations must call our customer service department to ensure that we can legalize their documents.

We Accept:

How to obtain State Certification?

Prior to requesting our services, our clients must ensure that the document is certified by the local Secretary of State office. You will find below a complete guide on how to obtain certifications in all 50 States,please choose your state for full details.:

Legalization Countries

Embassy legalization is required to acknowledge the authenticity of foreign documents in countries that are not member to the Hague Convention. Here is a list of countries that accept embassy certificates:

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